Forum Agenda

The Forum program includes presentations, webinars and discussions in five areas:



1. Agile

- Agile vs. waterfall model of the project life cycle, selection approach and factors of effectiveness

- Case studies on applying Agile in large projects

- Certification and career paths of Agile practitioners



2. «Russian model» of IT projects management

- International standards and Russian projects environment
- Project management in public sector specific features
- Applicability of PMI standards for IT projects in Russia
- Motivation factors and comp&ben approaches for IT-specialists, project managers and project teams



3. IT portfolio management

- Project selection
- Projects alignment and sequencing mechanisms
- Project status monitoring and forecasting tools
- PMO role in supporting the portfolio management processes



4. The art of managing uncertainty

- Various approaches to project risk management
- How to measure and quantify risks in IT start-ups



5. Information Security in IT projects in Russia

- Real and imaginary threats, analysis and estimating of business informational threats
- Balanced risk-management systems in organizations and risk-driven approach for establishing security measures
- Return on investment in Information Security policy